What will my PopGrip stick to?

PopSockets adhere to most phones, tablets, and cases. They sometimes have trouble sticking to silicone, leather, and waterproof cases, as well as some highly textured cases. iPhone 11 will need a case before you stick your PopGrip


How many times can I stick and re-stick my PopSocket?

Over 100 times to a phone; only once to a cat. You can rinse your sticky gel with water if it gets dirty and loses its sticking power. Let it completely dry, but don't leave it unattached to a surface for more than an hour or it might lose its power forever.

How many times can I expand and collapse my PopSocket?

PopSockets are designed to expand and collapse 12,000 times.


Where should I position my PopSocket on my phone? 

It's up to you! Some people like it high, some people like it low; some people like two PopSockets on their phone; some people like moving their one PopSocket around depending on their whims. If you are having trouble using your PopSocket as a stand, move the PopSocket closer to the edge of your phone. 


What if my PopSocket won't stick?

The PopSocket adhesive is designed to stick to most materials, but has difficulty with some silicone and waterproof coatings. Try adhering your PopSocket directly to your phone to see whether the sticky gel is working properly -- if it doesn't stick to your phone, the gel is not working properly. In this case, you should rinse the base of your PopSocket with water. Let it completely dry, but don't leave it unattached to a surface for more than an hour or it might lose its power forever.


What are PopSockets made of?

Polycarbonate, TPU, and polyurethane. Custom PopSockets also contain PBT.




My PopSocket is broken and I want a replacement.

Please return your PopSocket to your place of purchase. If that place is the online store, please contact us on sales@lab4.co.nz




How long will it take for my order to be processed?

Allow 1-2 business days for processing in addition to shipping time


How long will it take from when I place my order to when my PopSocket is on my phone?

Standard shipping is 1-3 business days. Please note that peak periods tend to experience delivery delays and that estimated delivery dates are an estimate, not a promise. 

Can you ship internationally?

No, we only ship within New Zealand. If you're outside of New Zealand please find your local PopSockets store and order locally.


What if my package has not been delivered in the time it was estimated?

Please remember that you shipping timelines are estimates, not promises. You can email us on sales@lab4.co.nz if you'd like to check up on your delivery.